Mentimeter alternative - Interacts

Why is Interacts a better alternative to Mentimeter?

Mentimeter alternative - Interacts

Why is Interacts a better alternative to Mentimeter?

Interacts is designed to make participation from people in remote or hybrid collaboration as easy as possible, stimulating participation, holding attention, and creating concrete action points to eliminate loss in productivity.

Structured guided sessions in minutes

Coming up with a solid structure and understanding how to guide people through it can be daunting. Interacts provides many templates that have been crafted and tested with real-world experiences. Run agile sessions, retrospectives, brainstorming workshops, fun quizzes, and team building initiatives with ease.

Pointed questions and stickies to spark participation

Trying to navigate a digital whiteboard or comment message thread makes for a tough time in getting input from people in the group, and understand trends in people's perspectives, and ensuring people are participating. Interacts shows you who has responded, who is done responding, and displays insights in an easy to digest chart.

Asynchronous private capturing on any device

Capturing sticky notes or input from a group can waste time when it's done during a meeting, and people can be less likely to participate when they see that their thoughts might be covered by someone else. Interacts allows for people to capture their feedback in private and in their own time before the session, so time together can be spent on what's most important.

Quizzes, polls, and live reactions

Quizzes and polls can be used to create fun interactions that boost morale, get people thinking differently, or teaching in a fun way. Interacts provides templates for games, trivia challenges, and more. Also, Interacts lets everyone reaction with emojis in real-time so you get a feel for attention, and understand the group's sentiment as you go.

Concise action points and immediate session feedback

Many collaborative sessions generate heaps of creativity, understanding, and ideas, but these are forgotten shortly after the group breaks up. Interacts allows for easy capturing of action points, and generates a good-looking session report that can be shared with everyone, spurring productivity after the session has ended.